Delivering Happiness.

Work from wherever.

We are a remote work first company and care about everyones right to do their work however it fits best into their lifestyle. If you like to work from the beach then do so. We know, in order to do your job good, your life needs to be good first.

Flow over everything.

We know how hard it is to get into a flow. Our goal is to create an environment where creativity is flourishing. An environment where no one is afraid to speak up and bring in ideas to make the company or the world better.

Think easy.

We encourage our people to think of the easiest way possible. Solutions do not have to be complex, they need to be great.


Mieli is a mindset, not a company. The lifestyle we push is to work together, have fun together and enjoy together. A team in which everybody pitches in and contributes together is stronger than the individual.

Make the world a better place.

Every decision should be made with the question in mind if it makes the world a better place.


We are micro pessimists but macro optimists. When creating something you have to be optimistic enough to take the leap, but pessimistic enough to be constantly improving.

If you can't do it, you can learn it.

There is no perfect human being. We challenge ourselves to take on tasks we don’t know how to solve yet and find joy in the process of solving problems. Failure is the only way to really learn and we encourage everyone to fail fast and fail often.

Balance is key.

We empower everyone to live its best healthy and balanced life. Health and family are core values to go against tight deadlines and the „no-sleep-only-hustle-culture“.